Green Bird Farms

More Berries and Such

Green Bird Farms produces smaller crops of specialty berries, seasonal produce, herbs and cut flowers.

Contact us for case quantities or ask us about availability the next time you visit us at market.

Goji Berries - Also known as wolfberry, the goji is a high-protein, high antioxidant berry related to tomatoes.
                        It has its own zesty flavor fresh and becomes sweet wjhen cooked or dried.

Honey Berries- Also called edible honeysuckle, these Siberian berries look like an elongated blueberries
                           and have a juicy, sweet-tart center.  

Blueberries- Green Bird has a small grove of tasty blueberries!  

Mara De Bois Strawberries- A smaller, but more flavorful French cultivar that harvests in the fall when other strawberries are gone.

Cut Flowers- We grow Heirloom Zinnia and Mini Sunflowers for gorgeous cut flower bouqets.

Red Russian Kale
- A sweet, colorful, flat leaf kale

Herbs- French Tarragon, Water Mint, and Rosemary

We have additional seasonal produce grown on our leased farms in Pennsylvania to add variety to our Farm Market venues.
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